Supplementary data for STEP-BD and UCL genome-wide association analysis of bipolar disorder

This site contains data from the study published in:

Sklar et al (2008) Whole-genome association study of bipolar disorder. Mol Psych.

The two main files are in PLINK format and can be viewed with the latest version of HaploView that provides functions to tabulate, filter and plot PLINK result files.
Case and control allele frequencies and basic association test: (please e-mail for access) (described here)

Primary analysis: single SNP association using Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test: (please e-mail for access) (described here)

A list of positions (SNP, chromosome, base-pair position):

List of SNPs on negative strand: (a list of negative strand SNPs, i.e. all others are on the plus strand).

For general questions regarding the study, and/or access to these data, the corresponding author is
    Pamela Sklar
For technical questions, please also CC
    Shaun Purcell